Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

September 1, 2020

In this Policy, “personal information” means information or any information set that identifies or could be used by or on behalf of Sprout to identify an individual, but not including encoded, anonymized, or publicly available data that has not been combined with non-public personal information.

The information Sprout collects and uses is limited to the purpose for which customers engage Sprout When You register for the Service, We ask for information such as your name, company name and address, site name, phone number, e-mail address and credit card information. Sprout uses a third-party intermediary to manage credit card processing. This intermediary is not permitted to store, retain, or use your billing information, except for the sole purpose of credit card processing on Sprout’s behalf. Sprout may append 3rd party data and model user and customer consumer and business data to further improve and enhance its the Sprout Service.

Sprout may use the personal information and other information we collect about your use of the Service to operate the Service and tailor it to your needs, for billing, identification and authentication, to contact You about your use of the Service, send you marketing materials (subject to your opt-out option), for research purposes, and to generally improve the content and functionality of the Service and the Site.

Sprout may also share your personal information with its third-party vendors (such as its credit card processor) and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and other services. We use to operate the Service and maintain quality user experience. Although Sprout owns all rights to the software, code, databases, and other Service applications, You retain all rights to your data. Our service providers may not use your personal information for marketing purposes.

You must accept the terms and conditions to proceed with access and use of the Sprout Services.

Access Rights & Use of the Sprout Services

Sprout makes its software-as-services (“Services”) available to you in accordance with your signed contract, provided support documentation and any applicable signed amendments, if applicable. Sprout will provide the Services in accordance with laws applicable to Sprout’s provision of the Services to its customers generally (i.e. without regard for your particular use of the Services), and subject to your use of the Services in accordance with your contract, these terms, the documentation and any applicable amendments, exhibits.

You also agree that you may use the Services, on a non-exclusive basis, solely (i) in connection with and as necessary for your activities pursuant to these terms (“Terms”); and (ii) allow your employees to use the Services pursuant to this Section and agree not to provide access to the Services to any third-party and/or person(s) or entities that compete directly or indirectly with Sprout or could interfere with Sprout’s business. Your use of these Sprout services is additionally subject to the agreement and/or amendments executed between Sprout and You.

Sprout as Service Provider Only, with You as Initiator of All Communications

You understand and agree that under your agreement with Sprout, Sprout’s role is the provider of Services for your use, and as such, (i) Sprout does not originate, send, deliver any communications to any recipient via text messages or email; (ii) that Sprout’s role is limited to a technology platform communication service provider only; (iii) that all communications, whether, without limitation, text messages or email, are created by and initiated by You, including communications regarding promotions, whether generated by you or sent automatically by via the auto-connect/auto-campaign service configured by you, or generated by your customers’ purchase activity or as a response to your customers’ inbound messaging.(iv) Sprout as your communications service provider will ‘opt out’ any customer of yours from receiving future email, text messages provided that said customer has followed the provided instructions within the Text Message or Email they have received that outlines how to properly request being opted out of receiving future messages.


How to opt-in (subscribe):

Text [KEYWORD] to our short code 411669 or other long code assigned to You. A keyword is a unique word, abbreviation, or acronym that relates to a business, organization, or person. Keywords are one word, contain no spaces, and are comprised of only letters and/or numbers.

Keywords can be found on site at participating locations. Subscribers text the establishment’s [KEYWORD] to 411669 (or other long code) to receive offers and information via text.

By opting in, you agree to receive recurring text messages (SMS/MMS) from an automatic telephone dialing system or from any other electronic means or program. Opting in is not required (directly or indirectly) as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services.

This is a recurring message program and message and data rates may apply.

T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

How to opt-out (unsubscribe):

Subscribers to any program under shortcode 411669 (or assigned long code) can opt out at any time.

Text one of the following words: END, STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, or UNSUBSCRIBE to our shortcode 411669. A final message confirmation may be sent upon successful opt out.

By texting any of these words to opt out, subscribers will be opted out of all text clubs from short code 411669 (or assigned long code). To opt back in to any text club under short code 411669, simply text in the establishment’s [KEYWORD] to 411669 (or assigned long code) to receive offers and information via text.

How to request help:

From your mobile device, you may text the word HELP to our shortcode 411669.

Support can also be found by emailing us at support@sprout.online or by calling us toll free at 844-211-2761.

Supported Mobile Carriers:

Aio Wireless
Alaska Communications Systems (ACS)
bandwidth.com (includes Republic Wireless)
Bluegrass Cellular
Boost Mobile
C Spire Wireless (aka Cellular South)
Carolina West Wireless
Cellular One of N.E. Arizona
Chariton Valley Cellular
Chat Mobility
Cleartalk (Flat Wireless)
Copper Valley Telecom
Cross Wireless
DTC Wireless
Duet IP (Max. Wireless/Wireless Comm. Venture)
East Kentucky Network (Appalachian Wireless)
ECIT/Cellular One of East Central Illinois
Epic Touch
GCI Communications
Google Voice
Illinois Valley Cellular
Inland Cellular
Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative
Limitless Mobile
MetroPCS (GSM)
MetroPCS/T-Mobile US
Mid-Rivers Communications
Mobi PCS
MobileNation/SI Wireless
Mosaic Telecom
MTA Wireless/Matanuska Kenai
MTPCS Cellular One (Cellone Nation)
Nex Tech Communications
Northwest Missouri Cellular
Panhandle Wireless
Peoples Wireless
Pine Cellular
Pioneer Cellular
Plateau Wireless
Rural Independent Network Alliance (RINA)
Sagebrush Cellular
SRT Communications
Thumb Cellular
TracFone (AT&T)
Union Telephone
United States Cellular Corp
United Wireless
Viaero Wireless
Virgin Mobile
West Central Wireless

Your number will never be sold or shared with any 3rd party. The information that you provide to any text club under shortcode 411669 is owned by the establishment in which you opted in to receive offers and information. Your information is stored in Sprout.’s and its subsidiaries database using reasonable electronic security measures. Sprout does not condone the use of your information outside the scope of the original intent.