Sprout & Dutchie Integration Partnership

Enhance your e-commerce experience with Sprout’s CRM/marketing & loyalty platform.

A Better E-commerce Experience

With the Sprout & Dutchie integration dispensaries can now provide a better e-commerce experience that combines intelligent marketing campaigns with loyalty programs!

  • Consumers can instantly apply their loyalty rewards upon ordering.

  • Send the right message to your customers at the right time and embed links back to your Dutchie menu.

  • Increase online orders while improving user experience.


Elevate Your Online Shopping Experience with Dutchie & Sprout!

Instantly send the  right message at the right time and drive customer engagements and customer loyalty!

Amazing Integration That Drives Revenue

  • Consumers can redeem their Sprout Loyalty Rewards on Dutchie.

  • Drive online orders with Sprout marketing & Dutchie e-commerce.

  • Increase online orders and basket size.

  • Reduce friction during check-out process.