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Sprout Messenger® launches Sprout into the top spot for Cannabis Omni-Channel Marketing Software

April 13th, 2021 – Marlborough, MA – Today Sprout has officially launched its progressive web application (PWA), Sprout Messenger ®.  This patent-pending technology is a game changer for the cannabis marketing technology industry as it has many features that will help minimize the impact of 10DLC [...]

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Why Text Marketing Works

In the highly competitive world of medicinal and recreational cannabis, shops are looking for an edge to attract and keep their patients and customers returning for more. In the new world of marketing that we live in, consumers are getting deluged with offers from everywhere and [...]

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Cannabis CRM & Marketing Software Company Integrates with Popular Point-of-Sale Solutions

To the Benefit of Dispensary Marketing Efforts, Cannabis Software Company Integrates with Popular Point-of-Sale Solutions January 7th, 2020/Marlborough, MA – Sprout, the all-in-one CRM & Marketing platform for the cannabis industry announced it has now completed their 5th integration and is actively integrating with many of [...]

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Sprout point-of-sale integrations assist dispensaries efficiency!

Sprout (, the all-in-one CRM & marketing platform for the cannabis industry has released their phase II integration offering which will now allow dispensaries to seamlessly move data from their Flowhub point-of-sale into the Sprout application. “The ability to sync our new customers into Sprout each [...]

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Our Mission

We live in a new world.  With over 5 billion cell phones and soon to be over 5 billion smart phones, the way employees conduct business and they way people consume information is ever changing.  Sprout’s mission is to develop and provide innovative tools that help all types of cannabis businesses engage and build relationships with their customers.

Our Philosophy

Our customers are our family and business partners.  We are all in this together and we depend on our customers just like they depend on us.  Sprout’s philosophy is to always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes when it comes to anything business and service related. Everyday we strive to understand what they want and need.  If our clients are successful, then we are successful.

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