Award-Winning Dispensary Selects Sprout as their Cannabis CRM & Marketing Platform Provider2020-07-15T13:30:51+00:00

Award-Winning Dispensary Selects Sprout as their Cannabis CRM &
Marketing Platform Provider

The Apothecarium dispensary deploys Sprout’s cannabis CRM and marketing platform

The Apothecarium, a multi-state dispensary with locations throughout Nevada and California recently selected Sprout, a leading cannabis CRM & marketing software company, as their preferred vendor for managing customer relationships and marketing campaigns. Sprout’s cannabis CRM and marketing platform enables dispensaries to better manage their customer data while implementing personalized marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

Deneb Ranciato, Marketing Manager for the The Apothecarium stated, “We were looking for a more comprehensive service with a few key elements that mattered most to us including MMS capability and the ability to curate our own customer touchpoint surveys. Sprout checked most all of our boxes!”

The Apothecarium has deployed Sprout’s software within its dispensaries and integrated it with its point-of-sale (POS) provider, MJ Platform, subsidiary of Akerna (NASDAQ: KERN). When asked of the importance of an integrated solution when it comes to their POS, Ranciato added, “It is very important. Our dispensary uses MJ Freeway as not only our POS system, but also to manage our customer information. To be able to have our CRM & marketing provider integrate with our POS was a key element in our decision to partner with Sprout.”

Used by dispensaries across 29 states and Canada, Sprout’s CRM and marketing platform helps dispensaries acquire new customers while improving customer retention through an entire suite of marketing tools. Sprout’s CRM platform enables dispensaries to easily manage customer relationships and implement targeted marketing offers, menu updates and mobile surveys.

Jaret Christopher, CEO of Sprout stated, “The Apothecarium has developed award-winning dispensaries throughout Nevada and California and have an impressive an operation. We are delighted The Apothecarium chose Sprout as their CRM and marketing platform provider and we look forward to continuing our partnership!”

Pleased with the early returns and usability of the Sprout platform, Ranciato commented, “Sprout’s CRM is one of the most user-friendly I’ve used in my 10+ years working with various service providers. The dashboard is a perfect tool to see quick answers at a glance for reporting and analytics.”

Our Mission

We live in a new world.  With over 5 billion cell phones and soon to be over 5 billion smart phones, the way employees conduct business and they way people consume information is ever changing.  Sprout’s mission is to develop and provide innovative tools that help all types of cannabis businesses engage and build relationships with their customers.

Our Philosophy

Our customers are our family and business partners.  We are all in this together and we depend on our customers just like they depend on us.  Sprout’s philosophy is to always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes when it comes to anything business and service related. Everyday we strive to understand what they want and need.  If our clients are successful, then we are successful.

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