April 13th, 2021 – Marlborough, MA – Today Sprout has officially launched its progressive web application (PWA), Sprout Messenger ®.  This patent-pending technology is a game changer for the cannabis marketing technology industry as it has many features that will help minimize the impact of 10DLC on cannabis outreach.

Initially, the PWA is reachable by dispensary clients after receiving an SMS message that prompts them to click a link.  The link then launches the user into Sprout Messenger ® where information is hidden from carrier AI spam bots and will allow a dispensary owner to freely market their cannabis products to patients and consumers without fear of blocks, or undelivered texts.  Recently, AT&T, T-Mobile and other major carriers have increased the scrutiny on cannabis texting across their networks with T-Mobile going as far as kicking all cannabis off their bandwidth until it becomes federally legal.  T-Mobile stated, “Commercial text campaigns on T-Mobile’s network must operate according to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The content must be legal across all 50 states for it to be delivered on our network.”

AT&T launched its A2P 10DLC service April 1st, 2021. With this, businesses will now be required to register their businesses & campaigns with The Campaign RegistryIf a business decides not to register its brand and continues using its 10DLC phone number, it will eventually experience disruption of service. Certain carriers will stop supporting SMS traffic from 10DLC numbers that are unregistered, meaning messages to customers on that carrier will fail and the sender will receive an error message.

Sprout Messenger® will change the way cannabis consumers receive their loyalty and promotional texts”, said Jaret Christopher CEO of Sprout.  “The martech world of cannabis is changing before our eyes and the changes being made by the carriers are forcing software companies to be more creative and inspiring ingenuity and Sprout Messenger ® is a direct result of that.”

Sprout’s Omni-Channel Platform now consists of SMS text, Sprout Messenger®, email and very soon will have two-way chat available to allow dispensaries to directly speak to their customers through the Sprout application.  Sprout has also recently been approved on the Apple Store for a Sprout Messenger® App that can be downloaded to consumers phones with the dispensary of choice’s logo and branding.  From here a consumer can see offers, check loyalty points & rewards, select interests and even shop.  “Compliance MMS” will also be available in the coming weeks.  This is simply giving the dispensary the ability to use MMS, but having a Sprout compliance person first approve it and acknowledge that no cannabis content is included before sending.

“These new changes and technology were imperative to keep the lines of communications open between the dispensary and its consumers.  If cannabis is not made federally legal in 2021 or beyond and carriers continue to impact delivery, we feel that Sprout is setup to address the challenge with the Sprout Messenger® App especially, as it employs a ‘push’ technology rather than an SMS text technology that will be the optimal way to get messages out each day.” added Christopher.

To learn more about Sprout Messenger® visit us at www.sproutmessenger.com or call 1.888.411.1699 for a review of the application.


Roger Ciliberto

VP of Sales and Marketing