Sprout’s CRM & Marketing Platform has added more to its offering to make your marketing outreach and your customer’s experience that much more appealing

At its core, Sprout is a powerful CRM & marketing platform that enables users the ability to acquire new consumers and patients through a wide range of acquisition protocols. Text to join; a typical way that allows a dispensary to promote a unique keyword that potential customers then text to gain entry into a “VIP Club” is the main way. Alternate ways include through Point-of-Sale (POS) integration, through a website widget that resides on a company website, through QR codes that are scanned from collateral, signage or on social channels and lastly through an iPad Kiosk that can be utilized in store or at trade shows, booths and festivals.

Recently, Sprout has cemented a partnership with Dutchie.  This new partnership now adds yet another angle to acquire consumers into Sprout for future marketing outreach.  With this new integration, consumers who purchase through the Dutchie platform, are then linked with Sprout and are able to utilize rewards earned through a POS loyalty program and have these rewards applied to their Dutchie check-out basket.

Today, Sprout has a live integration with many of the top point of sale providers. Among them, Flowhub, Leaflogix, Treez, MJ Freeway, COVA, Green Bits and Biotrack.  While leveraging these POS loyalty programs, discounts and rewards feed directly from Sprout into the e-commerce exchange making the user experience seamless and easy.

Another enhancement recently launched by Sprout is SproutPay.

With SproutPay, consumers can link debit cards to their online purchases and make a cashless transaction which minimizes the contact at the point of sale.  This is a must with the current social distancing and pandemic protocols that are in place today.  Consumers upon pickup, simply enter their ATM PIN into a terminal carried by the delivery driver or at the register within the dispensary and avoid the exchange of cash to secure the sale.

New to Sprout this week, is the Sprout Wallet for loyalty rewards.  The wallet is a downloadable program that will reside on your Android or iOS home screen.  It allows consumers to search earned rewards, change profile interests, and get a quick look at point and reward standings with a given dispensary.  Currently the wallet is available for loyalty programs run through Green Bits, Flowhub, Treez and COVA with more platforms coming online later this year.

With all this available, as well as the ability to send email, mobile coupons, and mobile surveys all within a single sign-on, Sprout has positioned themselves as a must have for any dispensary.  With additional compliance protocols such as signature required to join, as well as double and triple opt-in availability, Sprout continues to work hard at delivering what their customers are most asking for.

To learn more about Sprout, or to see Sprout in action, please call us at 1-888-411-1699 or email us at hello@sprout.online