With more and more dispensaries opening across North America, some dispensaries are doing much better at marketing than others.  This could be from a dedicated social media effort, magazine ads, billboards or a multitude of other marketing savvy ways to first alert people of your dispensary location and then driving them to it through a series of offers or incentives.

To be successful outside of providing great products and customer service, the #1 thing a dispensary needs to do, is find a way to grow a base of customers that they can market to.  Statistics show that when utilizing a SMS or MMS marketing strategy, a dispensary can drive traffic at a clip of anywhere between 25% to 40% of their total outreach.  In other words, if you have a base of 1000 customers and send a campaign via SMS or MMS text, you can expect it to drive anywhere from 250 to 400 people into your dispensary.

Karen Shobert an avid text messaging user in Oklahoma states, “I’d say between 40%-45% of our increase (sales) on the weekends is due to the text the customers receive.” Brandy LeBeau of Nature’s Medicines in Massachusetts can also validate this when asked what she sees as the impact of a text by stating, “…roughly 35%-55% depending on what message is being sent out. Some see higher redemptions rates than others”.

With this information, it is easy to understand why building the biggest base of opt-in subscribers possible is extremely beneficial to your bottom line.  For example, a 25% return on 750 customers is not as impactful as a 25% return on 1500 let’s say.

Sprout, our all-in-one CRM & marketing platform provides so many different ways to drive these opt-in subscribers, that some of our early adopters (dispensaries yet to open their doors), have seen their database of subscribers grow to anywhere from 500 to 1,000 people before their GRAND OPENING occurs.  Others have seen stagnant databases of 2,000 or 3,000 subscribers, skyrocket to 5,000, 10,000 and sometimes even more.

Sprout helps you accomplish this through a variety of different opt-in options.  Many of them can be utilized to capture info without a patient or consumer even coming into the dispensary.  Let’s look at some of the ways Sprout can help you grow your opt-in base, and keep you TCPA compliant in the process;

Texting a Keyword to JOIN – This option will allow a dispensary to advertise a keyword and ask users to text the keyword to the Sprout assigned toll-free number.  This can then be advertised on social media, in-store signage, magazine ads, radio ads, billboards and anywhere else people may be solicited to, ‘get deals and promotions sent right to your phone from your favorite neighborhood shop’.  An example of an opt-in can be found by texting any of these words to 844.986.4020; ‘sol’, ‘rio’, ‘pure’.

Utilizing a Website Widget – The widget is something that you simply add to your website offering visitors to “JOIN OUR TEXT CLUB”, with the offer of receiving deals and promotions right on their phone.  All individuals that enter their number are automatically enrolled and their data is then captured in Sprout.  To see examples, visit www.naturesremedyma.com or www.thepierpc.com

Integration with your POS System – Integrating your point-of-sale system is another great way to build your base of customers.  Most POS systems have an option available that states, “Marketing Allowed” or something to that effect.  After gaining the customers approval, information from your POS will integrate or be pushed into Sprout which then allows marketing outreach to occur.  Some systems that Sprout is already integrated with include;  Flowhub, BiotrackTHC, Treez, MJ Freeway, Green Bits, Leaflogix, COVA and NAV 365.

In-Store KIOSK/Portable Lead Capture KIOSK – Sprout provides each dispensary with an iPad kiosk along with a stand, to help you

acquire even more people into your marketing club.  These kiosks can also be used as a lead

 acquisition and capture device at Trade Shows and Festivals you may attend, as well as in-store.  See the example picture inset.

QR CODES – Yet another way to capture more opt-ins, is by utilizing QR Codes.  These codes are easily attached in a sticker or via a printer to delivery bags, packaging, collateral or other items to help your dispensary opt-ins become viral.  Imagine a delivery bag sitting at a party that says, “Interested in cannabis? Scan here” or a brochure in a doctor’s office that says, “Want to learn how cannabis can ease your anxiety? Scan Here”.  QR Codes are a great way to quickly grab more opt-ins from countless venues other than in-store traffic.

With all these different ways to capture more customers and more importantly stay compliant in the process, its easy to see why Sprout is the #1 CRM & marketing platform for the cannabis industry.

To learn more, visit us at www.sprout.online or call us at 1.888.411.1699 and we can walk you through how we can start growing your database today!

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