Recently, Nature’s Medicines has switched over their dispensary marketing efforts to the Sprout platform.  They along with countless others have been making the switch based not only on the platform Sprout has developed over the last 12-years, but also due to the results Sprout has brought them.  Brandy LeBeau, the Dispensary Manager at the Nature’s Medicines, Fall River, MA location offered this when asked if Sprout had impacted her operation, “…if having to put a percentage on the number of people that redeem Sprout offers, it would be roughly 35%-55% depending on what message is being sent out. Some see higher redemptions rates than others”.

Karen Shobert, the Dispensary Manager at MABS in Norman, OK also has experienced similar results. “Depending on the day of the week, we see increases in sales due to the offers we send out.  I’d say between 40%-45% of our increase (sales) on the weekends is due to the text the customers receive.”

Sending an SMS or standard 160-character text alone is not enough in some instances to create the impact a dispensary may be looking for.  Nate Boucher, the Dispensary Manager at Green Spirit Mendocino in Mendocino, CA states, “I only use Multi-Media (MMS) texts!  A photo says a million words!”  Nate shares a story about his use of Sprout, “…I sent a campaign that we had just got back in the award-winning flower from Sovereign and within 25 minutes, the first customer (via Sprout text) was in to get it!”

Green Spirit has been using Sprout since early this year.  Nate added, “…I love using Sprout!  Where social media fails, Sprout gets directly to those who have already shown interest in the shop. It’s a very time and cost-effective way to target regular customers”.

Many dispensaries new to the texting game, often ask us if its intrusive to the customers/patients.  With TCPA guidelines dictating how you can acquire text members and then actually market to them, Sprout is compliant in both acquisition and deployment.  You can only reach those who explicitly opt-in to your club via a keyword (example: text ‘pleasant’ to 411669), through a website widget on your dispensary website or either through your POS integration or an iPad kiosk that is provided with the Sprout platform.

Karen from MABS states, “We’ve had many of our repeat customers tell others to come to our business to do to the texting program.  Then in turn they set up their text messages with us as well.  It personalizes our services & products to them.  For our age demographic, that works much better for them.  It also gives us the opportunity to let them know of products that are back in stock & also helps us reach out about our community projects & classes that we offer too.  Many are new to this in Oklahoma & this offers people the education they are seeking about say edibles vs flower and so forth.”

“Our customers seem to prefer the direct contact they get from our texts, versus having to look up pricing, specials etc.…. say on Weedmaps and other search engines in the industry.”

One of the key differentiators of Sprout, is the ability to not only send the SMS or standard messaging text but also the multi-media or MMS variety. Karen at MABS, echo’s Nate’s experience, “…. I do believe our customers prefer the MMS over SMS because more information & details about offers can be given to them.  They also seem to like the graphics as well.  I get many compliments on them.”

Using a picture of your logo and maybe even some product in an MMS text is a great way to differentiate yourself and bring uniqueness to your marketing efforts.  The ultimate goal is to keep your patients and customers coming back.  Utilizing a text service like Sprout has proven to be effective with dispensaries all across the US and Canada. Added Brandy at Nature’s Medicines, “… on Tuesdays we send out a campaign ‘Two for Tuesdays’ and patients have been coming in specifically stating they are here for this special promotion. It a fantastic tool for daily, weekly and monthly promotions.”

Having an all-in-one, easy to use platform takes away the stress and complexity of getting your marketing out.  Sprout has developed an easy to use, all encompassing platform from CRM, to email, to text.  Mobile surveys and mobile coupons are also available in the platform. All to provide a single-source of truth and a single-pane-of glass to drive your success.

Choosing the right platform, comes down to a simple question…  Will it affect the revenues of your dispensary?  Brandy seems to think so, “Sprout has absolutely generated more business. We have patients who come in and tell us specifically they are coming in for daily deals they’ve received via text message. Our overall experience has been very pleasant. I actually love using Sprout. Super easy to use and helps us get our messages out to patients.”

And where social media falls down, Sprout picks you back up when it comes to mass outreach to the ‘right’ people.  Added Nate, “…it’s a great way to get the locals and regulars keyed into the sales that you can’t post on social media because they take down anything with prices or mention of sales…. Love using Sprout.”

If you would like to learn more on how Sprout could impact your business, call us at 1.888.411.1699 or visit us at and we can set up a demonstration of our solution for your shop.

Sprout is the leading CRM and marketing software platform for the cannabis industry.  We help cannabis companies increase revenues and profit margins by engaging their customers, creating brand awareness and driving online and in-store orders.

We have spent over a decade building enterprise CRM & marketing software platform designed specifically for:

  • Cultivators & Vertically Integrated Cannabis Operators

  • Retailers & Dispensaries (cannabis, hydroponic stores, CBD retailers, etc.)

  • Cannabis Distributors

  • CPG & Cannabis Brands

Many of the largest, fastest growing vertically integrated cannabis operators and brands have switched over to Sprout.  With a combination of Multi-Media Messaging (MMS), Standard Messaging (SMS), Mobile Coupons, Mobile Surveys and Email Marketing, Sprout is the all-in-one solution for your business.  With Sprout, you will ACQUIRE new customers, RETAIN the ones you have and overall GROW your business through a combination of outreach, loyalty and pinpoint marketing.