February 20th, 2019

Recently, a recreational and medicinal dispensary located in Colorado experienced a spike in the number of text club members they market to.  They had been and currently are, utilizing Sprout’s CRM and marketing platform to stay in touch with their customers and have been since early 2017.  Sprout helps them with text outreach, mobile surveys and customer feedback, as well as the ability to send out deals and promotions using the Sprout application.

Over the past year they had been utilizing Sprout’s, SMS or standard messaging service which allows the user to send a 140-character, plain text.  Although SMS is still a great way to market and the open rate on these texts is still nearly 98%, they do not really help an organization differentiate themselves from competitors or others that may be sending the same type of SMS text.

Recently, the company has upgraded their service to include MMS or multi-media texting.  These texts allow a user to reach out to their customer base with imagery.  Including logo’s, .gif files and video so long as it’s under the 500 KB size limit that is placed on providers by the mobile carriers.  Further, the 140-character limit increases dramatically when using MMS as it grows from 140-characters to as high as 500,000.

Along with the upgrade from SMS to MMS, the company installed iPad Kiosks in all five Colorado locations.  In one location alone, after installing the kiosk, which is used to entice a patient/consumer to register their phone number into a VIP text club and be alerted to deals and promotions sent directly to their phone, they saw their text club membership grow by nearly 40%!

With all five location now having kiosks installed, similar growth is expected from each location.  This would mean that this dispensary will now have direct access to 1000’s of their customers via their mobile phones and the ability to drive traffic to each location by simply sending a DAILY SPECIAL, a limited use COUPON or simply an automated HAPPY BIRTHDAY announcement to entice their customers to come back in and visit them and act on a specific offer.

Today and every day, Sprout continues to help this organization and others like them, to differentiate their dispensary from competing locations by giving them this additional ability to personalize texts and offers from anywhere in North America.

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